Why I Choose Safer Beauty

When I first learned about the state of the beauty and personal care products industry while reading No More Dirty Looks in 2010, it was eye-opening. I had spent the previous five years of my life trying to eliminate toxins in my environment by eating an organic, real food diet and switching to "natural" cleaning products in my home only to realize that I was still damaging my body via the products I put on it every day. When I researched the ingredients of the products I used through the Environmental Working Group's Skin Deep® Cosmetics Database, I was appalled at their poor ratings and the number of harmful ingredients they contained that could be causing serious damage, especially given that 60% of what we put onto our skin is absorbed into our bodies.

I realized that I wasn't doing enough to limit my toxic chemical exposure on a daily basis. I learned that due to green washing products labeled "natural" or "organic" are not automatically safe because of the lack of regulation around these products. Any company can claim that its products are natural or organic even when the ingredients are far from it. Many personal care products today contain toxic chemicals that can cause reproductive harm, endocrine disruption, hormone disruption, learning disabilities, and even cancer. I also learned that our own government isn't doing us any favors with regard to the safety of our personal care products. I realized that if I wanted to see change, I would have to advocate for it.

I began to meticulously research ingredients in every personal care product I purchased, but I still wasn't happy with many of the products I found. Some were considered to be fairly safe, but they often performed poorly and were not worth the cost. Others that performed well still had relatively high scores in the Skin Deep database (meaning they had safety issues). In 2013, I found Beautycounter, an American skincare and cosmetics brand, and I decided right away that I wanted to join the company’s movement and share my passion for safe and effective beauty products with others. Beautycounter has raised the personal care products bar by lobbying Washington for better safety standards, developing the strictest safety standards in the industry (they have a never list of over 1,500 ingredients that will never be used in their products), and creating a consultant-focused direct selling model to educate people about safety in personal care products. The company has accomplished all of this while creating beautiful, safe, and effective products that produce results. I couldn't ask for a better company to work for.

For more in-depth information, I encourage you to read No More Dirty Looks or Not Just a Pretty Face, check out the Beautycounter website, and visit the Skin Deep database to analyze the products you are using every day. I share my own favorites (Beautycounter and beyond) on my website and my Facebook group. I am also happy to meet with you 1-to-1 to look at your current personal care regime and recommend healthier, high-performing alternatives for you and your family within your budget.