Welcome to A Healthy Balance! My name is Stephanie and I am a functional nutritionist passionate about helping others feel good and live a vibrant life. I believe that nutrition, lifestyle, and overall health require an individualized approach. No rules, no unnecessary restrictions, and no dogma—just a personalized template designed to fit you. 

The process of improving your health is overwhelming and challenging. Together, we will start with the foundations of health and determine a simple, manageable plan that is just right for you. Whether you are looking to reduce your dependence on sugar, seeking to improve your long-term health or the health of your family, looking for a change after years of self-sabotage from diet and lifestyle choices, wanting to take charge of your fertility, or aiming to stay nourished as an expecting or current mama, I am here to support you.  

As your confidence grows and equilibrium approaches, you will feel less anxious and stressed, you will have more physical and mental energy, you will sleep better, and you will be better equipped to tackle life’s challenges and experiences. Let's find your healthy balance!


“Working with Stephanie opened my eyes to how my state of being was connected to what I ate. After one meeting, I went home with so many excellent tips that fit my lifestyle and budget. I tried them out immediately, and within a WEEK I felt a tremendous difference. I had more energy, stamina, and a clearer thought process. I love how Stephanie considers all aspects of your well-being and synthesizes it into practical applications for your life.”

— Caitlin L.
Stephanie gets to the bottom of what your body needs to be healthy and nourished, providing concrete recommendations that are easy to implement. Her advice isn’t something you can get from a book or website because her recommendations are tailored to you and your lifestyle. Stephanie has helped me to reduce my dependence on sugar and find the motivation to make healthier choices and it hasn’t been hard at all.
— Mary. A