What is Nutritional Therapy?

Nutritional therapy takes a holistic, science-based approach to wellness. Nutritional Therapy Practitioners (NTPs) are trained to identify dysfunction in the body and address the root cause of imbalances through nutrition and lifestyle changes, while respecting the bio-individuality of each person. We may use qualitative and quantitative tools as well as a hands-on assessment (if possible). Using whole food nutrition in addition to herbs and supplements (if needed), we aim to support the foundations of health, correct imbalances and assist your body’s natural healing process to help you achieve optimal long-term health.  Your nutritional therapy plan will be unique to you and your needs. Please note that NTPs are NOT trained to diagnose or treat disease or illness.

Describe Your Process.

We start by meeting for a complimentary 15-minute video, phone, or in-person conversation. Prior to this call, you will fill out a form summarizing your health history. During this session, we talk about my philosophy and approach, your wellness goals and how we can work together to reach them.

Prior to our initial session, you will fill out a nutritional assessment questionnaire, a three-day food journal and provide payment.

At our first session we will explore your health concerns and goals in detail. During the consultation, we will also discuss your overall health history, including your family history, your nutritional and lifestyle habits, and your health goals. Together, we will also determine a pace that is realistic for you so you can make gradual, steady, changes to better your health.

If we are meeting in person, I will perform a functional evaluation at our next meeting to gather more information about potential dysfunction in your body. At this appointment I test your body via a process called lingual-neuro testing to determine the proper nutritional protocol to support your needs. Please wear comfortable clothing to this appointment.

At the second (or third if we are doing a functional evaluation/in person) session, we will go over the results of your nutritional assessment questionnaire and personalized protocol. I will also send you an email with the nutritional and lifestyle recommendations we discussed, supplement plan(if needed) and any relevant resources and/or recipes.

Because everyone moves at a different pace, the number of sessions and the frequency between them are customized to you. I want you to feel motivated, energized and committed to each follow-up session.  We will continue to meet as necessary to check in, review your protocol and make adjustments.  Once you complete your initial package you can choose to purchase another package or move to a session-by-session basis.

During nutritional therapy, you can expect to be working consistently and diligently for at least six months. This process is not a quick fix. You may begin to feel better right away but changing habits and healing can take time. The payoff will be worth it! Be patient with yourself and trust the process. I am here to help you every step of the way. 

What can I expect to receive?

I will provide concrete guidance to help you implement changes to improve your health including nutritional and lifestyle recommendations. These recommendations will be clear, specific, and easy for you to implement. When applicable, I also include resources, recipes, and supplement protocols.