My physical office is in southeast Portland, OR but I work with clients all over the country. I see local clients in the office or at an agreed upon location depending on the circumstance. I "see" my remote clients over the phone or through video chat. Contact me to get started or make an appointment here. For more information, view my FAQs

Bio-Individual Nutrition & Lifestyle Consulting 

One-on-one personalized nutrition counseling for women, men, couples or families in-person or remotely. Packages are available in increments of four sessions.  

Other Services ($90/hr)

  • Grocery Store Tours - Individual or group tours at local grocery stores (Portland, OR area only).  Learn how to best navigate the store and product nutrition labels. Gain the confidence to choose healthy, delicious food for you and your family based on your budget and dietary needs. Includes recommended pantry staples list.

  • Pantry & Refrigerator Revamp - Together we will go shelf by shelf and I will recommend items to keep and items to replace with healthier alternatives. I will also provide simple suggestions to make cooking and meal planning easier.  May be paired with a cooking demo and/or grocery store tour. Includes recommended pantry staples list.

  • Personal Care and Cleaning Product Overhaul - We will line up your personal care and/or cleaning product collection and I will teach you how to check your labels for harmful ingredients.  I will recommend items to keep and items to replace with non-toxic and more natural alternatives for the entire family providing options at price points consistent with your budget.

  • Cooking Demos - Learn simple kitchen skills and techniques, healthy recipes and how to meal plan and prep to save yourself time and money.  We can do this one-on-one, with you and a partner or a group of friends or family members.